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Defence Industry Security Program (DISP)

DISP Membership Requirements

Getting Prepared for DISP

DISP At a Glance

When partnering with Defence, Australian organisations have a vital responsibility to protect Defence personnel, information, and assets from potential threats.
To effectively manage security risks and bolster their defence, entities can take several proactive measures.
The Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) plays a crucial role in this process, providing essential guidance and support to help Australian organisations meet their security obligations and successfully navigate Defence contracts, tenders, and projects.
The Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) is a tiered membership initiative that safeguards Australia’s defence industry. Built on the Defence Security Principles Framework – specifically Principle 16, Control 16.1 – it ensures the security of Australian entities working with Defence.
In essence, DISP provides a rigorous security vetting process for Australian organisations. 
Its primary objectives are to:
  • Ensure industry partners implement appropriate security measures for Defence tenders and contracts
  • Offer expert security guidance and support services to industry
  • Empower industry to identify and manage security risks effectively
  • Provide assurance to Defence and other government agencies when collaborating with DISP member entities
While DISP membership is free of direct costs, implementing and maintaining the required security measures does come with expenses. These may include facility certification and accreditation, personnel security clearances, and physical security upgrades – essential investments for a secure and successful partnership with Defence.
By joining the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP), entities unlock a range of valuable benefits, including:
  • Access to expert Defence security services, ensuring they’re well-prepared to partner with Defence
  • The ability to sponsor security clearances (excluding entry-level membership)
  • Comprehensive security training and resources, including cutting-edge cyber security guidance
  • Timely access to current security information, informing robust security practices and strategic planning
  • Enhanced opportunities to secure international contracts, with potential recognition of security clearances by global partners
  • A strengthened security operating environment, resulting from enhanced security practices
Important to note: DISP membership does not guarantee Defence contracts, which are still awarded through standard procurement processes. However, it does demonstrate an entity’s commitment to meeting rigorous security standards, enhancing their credibility and competitiveness in the defence industry.
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