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Essential 8 (E8) Assessment & Audit

The first step on the cyber security journey

the Essential 8 Audit

We benchmark the existing IT environment against the E8 standard and provide a practical breakdown of the domain and maturity level alignment.

Recommendations & Results

We help you make sense of the E8 standard and the alignment with your business so you can make informed decisions on how to improve your cyber resilience.

Create Confidence in Cyber

Need Help Adopting E8?

Businesses can protect themselves from cyber threats by adopting the Essential 8 (E8) standard. This robust framework ensures their organisation is equipped to prevent and respond to cyber-attacks, safeguarding their reputation and bottom line. By adopting E8, businesses can avoid risking financial and reputational damage, and instead, build a strong defence against cyber threats.

This industry-leading framework helps businesses identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, ensuring their organisation is secure and compliant. By adopting E8, companies can build trust with their clients, protect their assets, and create a foundation for mitigating cyber risk, ultimately safeguarding their organisation’s reputation and future

Comparing E8 and Other Frameworks